Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

Wedding Dresses, Ball gowns, Tuxedos and other Formal Wear are typically worn only occasionally (if more than once!) and are often made of particularly delicate or expensive materials.  Therefore, you need a laundry and dry cleaning service which will take exceptional care of these most precious outfits.

At Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry Cleaners we understand the importance and sentiment behind your precious wedding dress. To preserve and protect your most cherished dress it is important that you have it professionally cleaned by a specialist and packaged for safe storing. We have a tradition of perfectly finishing wedding dress. With our specialist experience and revolutionary eco-friendly cleaning methods, we are able to care for every type of dress, tackle the most difficult stains, and hand finish the most delicate materials.

We’ve seen clothes manufacturing methods change dramatically throughout that period but can draw on our heritage and experience to use the most appropriate cleaning method on a per item basis no matter how it was made or how delicate it is. We would highly recommend that you have your dress delicately packed in beautiful hand-made preservation bag following cleaning.

They are sturdy enough to eliminate light, strong enough to protect from accidents, and are made from a breathable material lined with fine acid free tissue. This offers the most protection, prevents any unnecessary deterioration and makes for easier long-term storage. Don’t accept less, when it comes to your Wedding Dress!

Why we are different:

  • Eco Friendly – No harsh chemicals – Safer for our environment and your dress-
  • Better Finish – Natural conditioning = softer feel
  • Odourless – No unpleasant chemical odours
  • Brighter Colours – Noticeably improved optical brightness

To ensure your wedding gown will be there for you and future generations to wear and admire we recommend you begin process of cleaning and preservation as soon as possible after the wedding.

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning process begins with a thorough inspection of your gown. Beads and other trim are tested for serviceability. The gown is then examined for loose beads or trim, and any other minor repairs that may be needed. Total Care Cleaners’ spotting specialists carefully pre-treat any stain on your gown prior to the gentle cleaning of your gown.

The Finishing Phase

  • Your gown is gently Fully Hand Finished to perfection. This is where extreme care must be taken in order to follow the designer’s line and drape.
  • After our trained staff clean and hand finish your gown, they complete the process by inspection, and preservation procedures. Total Care Cleaners then uses finest museum quality box available to maintain your gown’s sparkling condition through the years.

What makes us Special?

  • We don’t send Wedding Gowns to other dry-cleaners to clean for us. All work is done here in our production facility.
  • We clean each wedding gown one at a time
  • We don’t recommend our customers to spend money on pressing Gowns that will be boxed.
  • We pick up & deliver wedding Gowns
  • Proprietary stain removal techniques
  • High Quality Preservation Box and packaging materials

Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry-cleaners are proud to be exclusively recommended by a number of wedding dress designers, boutiques and dress makers.

For more information on our Wedding Dress and Formal Wear service, please pop into our office, or call our head office on 081-376-28034 or complete our contact form online.

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