Vintage & Couture

Some items are so delicate that to be properly cleaned, delicate trimmings and buttons need to be removed prior to cleaning; our vintage laundry and dry cleaning service provides for this.

Vintage and couture clothing is becoming an important feature of any wardrobe. The quality of yester-year clothes made specifically to fit your own particular need makes the items one to be treasured and looked after with particular care as they will then last a lifetime.

Established with premium standard in mind, Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry Cleaners has years of cleaning experience. Our factory in Abuja, the nation’s capital is equipped with ever resources to handle your most treasured garments. Notable sophisticated individuals uses our services as one of the most trusted laundry and dry cleaning companies for vintage and couture clothing.

For more information on our Vintage & Couture laundry and dry cleaning service, simply visit our retail shops, or call us on 081-376-28034 or complete our contact form online.