Stain Removal

At Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry Cleaners, stain removal is given high priority and is done by hand using appropriate stain removal chemical and machine prior to dry cleaning and laundry. Unless we have discussed with the customer regarding elements of owner’s risk, we will operate within safety margins limiting the risk of damaging your garment during the removal of problematic stains.

We have skilled personnel who are specifically trained in stain removal and are dedicated only to this function of our service. It is important to remind you that while all stains can be worked on it is not always possible to remove all stains from all textiles.

Certain factors can mitigate complete stain removal. Oxidation is a serious factor that affects stain removal, age of stain is another factor or it may have been set by previous washing and or ironing. We advise our customers to hand in the garment when the stain is fresh on the garment.

There could be a risk of damage when stain is caused by dye. Heavily soiled collar caused by poor washing and handling of fabrics also create problem to remove. In most cases we will be able to remove or improve on all stain removal we undertake.