Odour Removal

No more unpleasant odours….

As well as our specialist cleaning methods, at Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry Cleaners we can facilitate odour removal (De-Odourising) through a number of techniques and processes.Whether it is mould, smoke or other unpleasant odours we have a very high success rate of removing odours from all sorts of textiles including: bags, shoes, boots and all types of clothing regardless to the type of material or delicate nature.

Arrange your Odour Removal online 

Place your item(s) in the pick-up bag we will supply to you along with any specific instructions. As soon as we receive your item(s) we will contact you to confirm pricing and begin treatment. Once our processes are complete we will simply deliver it without any charge.

Give us a call today on 081-376-28034 to ask any questions or to schedule the pick-up go to pick-up and delivery page here.