Moth Treatment & Prevention

Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry-Cleaners offer a specialist service to eliminate Moths, Moth Eggs and Moth Larvae from your clothing. With the number of moth infestations rising in recent years, we have adapted our methods to deal with Moth Damage and Prevention, safely and efficiently. We have several techniques to treat, eliminate and protect various textiles.

These include: Ozone Treatment, Dry Cleaning and Natural Moth Repellent. We also can supply you with Moth Killers and Deterrents for your wardrobes and drawers. There is no guarantee that all moth affected cloths will be removed when processed due to the age of moth and level of oxidization. But we will try to clean the moth within safety limit to avoid damaging the fabric.

How do I know if I have moth damage?

A telling sign would be irregular holes to clothing most commonly knitwear (usually wool, cashmere, alpaca or angora) silk or leather garments. The damage is usually caused by moth eggs, larvae and adult moths themselves.

What can I do to prevent moths?

Only store clean garments
Moths and insects are attracted to stains or moisture present on garments (e.g. residue from perspiration, food and drink stains or body oils).

Store your garments in a cool dry place.
Make sure your garments can breathe. We recommend that you don’t use plastic bags or poly for long term storage as moisture may accumulate

Use Moth Prevention Products
Nice ‘N’ Clean dry-Cleaner offers a variety of products including “Moth Proofing” which is applied to your garment after dry cleaning. We also recommend moth deterrents and killers which are used to preserve your clothing when stored in your cupboards or drawers.

Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry Cleaners also has a fumigation and Pest Control company (WizzyGreen Environmental Services LTD), which can help customers overcome the inconvenience caused by moths.