Handbag and Shoes Cleaning

Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry-Cleaners are proud to offer a Specialist Handbag and shoe cleaning service for your treasured possession. Whether they are plain, leather, suede or covered all over in sequins and beads we can offer handbag cleaning to the highest standards. Shoes and handbags are often more expensive than your clothes and should be well looked after as an integral part of your outfits.  Shoes and handbags can last more than a lifetime so to keep them in good order, Nice ‘N’ Clean dry-cleaners is your natural choice.

As part of our handbag cleaning process we can also de-odourised your accessories to leave them looking, feeling and smelling fresh. Once our handbag cleaning process is complete we beautifully tissue wrap and package them collection, delivery.

Simply include your shoes and handbags with your laundry and dry-cleaning and we’ll assess them, talk to you when necessary and bring them to an exceptionally high standard before returning them to you cleaned and buffed to perfection.

For more information on our Shoe and Handbag services, please visit our office at Apo or contact us on 081-376-28034 or complete our contact form online.