Hand Finished Shirt

Every shirt undergoes a meticulous pre-wash inspection and grading process before cleaning. During the cleaning process your shirts will be lightly starched with an organic rice starch which helps us produce a finish that will keep your shirts looking crisp. Please notify us if you do not need any form of starch on your shirt.

We have a water purification plant that ensures soft water is used during the cleaning process.  Shirts can be returned either folded or on a hanger, according to your preference. We professionally hand finish and package to your preference, either hand folded in a shirt sleeve ready for travel/storage or tissue wrap on a hanger. Our Shirt service includes the replacement of any broken or missing buttons to the closest match at no extra cost.

At Nice ‘N’ Clean we are renowned for the end result of white shirt processing, where the shirt gets whiter and brighter because of the quality of purified soft water we use in the process. With our professional technicians we will rejuvenate your white shirts to its original crispy and sparkling white.  You will need to discuss with our laundry technician for this service. Rejuvenating your white shirt will attract little additional cost.

To arrange a collection & delivery service please click here or call 081-376-28034