Duvet, Beddings and Fine Linen services

At Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry Cleaners we provide a professional linen, bedding & laundry service to suit all of your household cleaning requirements. When it comes to your bedding Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry Cleaners would always recommend you choose our greener cleaning methods to keep your bedding safer, softer, brighter and odour free.

You will certainly feel the difference with your crisp and clean bed linens. We use the same gentle cleaning and finishing methods to guarantee beautiful results.

Our experienced Laundry and dry cleaning technicians are able to determine the best means of cleaning these items. Comforters or blankets that must be washed in water are still better done in our facilities than at home, because our modern washers can accommodate large items and our dryers are moisture sensitive. This combination ensures a softer fluffier appearance, and promotes even distribution of the fill material contained in comforters. Some Duvets and Bedding materials are better dry cleaned; if an item is dry cleanable it is exposed to less risk of shrinkage than by washing in water. Your cleaned comforters, blankets, duvets and pillows will be returned to you, in good package.

Bring the following household items to us for cleaning.

  • All types of bed linen
  • Pillows
  • Duvets
  • Cushions & Covers
  • Blankets & Bedspreads
  • Fine lace table cloths

Give us a call today on 081-376-28034 to ask any questions or to schedule the pick-up of your Duvets and Beddings