Dry Cleaning

At Nice ‘N’ Clean-Dry Cleaners we are determined to provide a Specialist Dry Cleaning service of the highest quality. With our experience staff we have successfully combined the traditional hand crafted methods with new and ever changing techniques in order to achieve the best possible results. As a standard each item is inspected individually by an experienced member of our team. A decision is then made on how to process each item and to choose the most appropriate cleaning methods for your garments.

We take immense care when dry cleaning clothes and use the very latest dry cleaning equipment to ensure that they return to you in pristine condition. Our process significantly reduces fading and fraying over time. Our dry cleaning process is unique and does not subject your clothes to the rigors of traditional cleaning. Our skilled craftsmen achieve the best possible results with each garment you bring to us.

Some fabrics are too delicate to be washed in water, indeed many garment manufacturers insist upon dry-cleaning as the preferred method of cleaning to preserve the shape, colour and integrity of a garment. It is important to note that delicate hand-stitched garments cannot be subjected to machine cleaning on a regular basis otherwise it becomes loose. Hence, we are committed to hand-finishing such delicate garments. Fabrics with beads will be well protected before cleaning process. As expected our specialist dry cleaning services also include protecting any delicate buttons or elaborate beaded sequins to prevent damage during the dry cleaning process.

We are very proud to also offer GreenEarth Dry Cleaning which uses a silicone cleaner that is not only safe on the environment, but also safe for you and your clothes. This eco-friendly specialist dry cleaning process is ideal for garments of a delicate nature and will clean your most treasured items gently and efficiently.

All garments are then meticulously checked by our experienced team to ensure the finish is of the highest standard and finally the garments are beautifully hand wrapped and packaged awaiting your collection or delivery.

Let us know about any particular concerns or stains and we will carefully handle it. We check each garment thoroughly during hand finishing and also takes care of repairs and alterations. We promise to make your morning dressing a pleasing and happy experience.

Give us a trial call today on 081-376-28034 to ask any questions or to schedule the pickup of your garments.

Below is list of some Items that requires Dry-Cleaning.

Items requiring dry cleaning may include:

  • Suits
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Blouses
  • Silks
  • Designer clothing
  • Evening gowns and formal wear
  • Curtains and soft furnishings