Curtains Service

We are pleased to offer a convenient on-site steam cleaning service for your curtains. This process avoids the necessity of removing your curtains or blinds and eliminates any risk of shrinkage.

This service may not be suitable for curtains or blinds that are heavily stained. Before we carry out any steam cleaning on your curtains we would make sure that the fabric is suitable for such cleaning process. It is not all curtains that can be cleaned on site with steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning has been proven to kill a majority of bacteria and germs without the use of chemicals.
Curtains are an expensive and very important feature in your home, they are both decorative and functional, but hanging at the windows they attract a lot of dust and dirt and can fade and deteriorate from exposure to sunlight. Dirt particles eat into the fabric causing them to break down and become fragile, also the soiling becomes more difficult to remove. You can extend the life of your curtains by taking care of them and having them cleaned at least once a year. We clean and restore curtains so that textures are rejuvenated and colours given new vibrancy.

We offer the finest cleaning of lined and interlined curtains with a ‘No Shrinkage Guarantee’  and  use proven technology to steam and tension the curtain during finishing to eliminate the need for manual pressing and ironing. Your curtains will be beautifully presented ready for hanging and wrapped in polythene for protection.

Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry Cleaners can offer you the complete service for your curtains and nets; we have the cleaning equipment large enough to clean them safely and the specialized presses for the best crease free finish. We can collect and deliver, even take down and re-hang them with additional cost if you wish, offering the complete service for you and your curtains.

Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry Cleaners wishes to draw your attention to the fact that all curtains are liable to shrinkage of up to 6% of their length. This is a condition of manufacture and NOT a dry cleaning fault. Normally any shrinkage will be corrected by just hanging the curtains allowing gravity to let them regain their original length