Corporate Services

Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry Cleaners provides corporate clients with a monthly account and free weekly collections and delivery services. Offered throughout Abuja, your laundry and dry cleaning will be collected from your home or office, cleaned, ironed, fixed and beautifully boxed or hung to be returned to you ready to use or wear for work.

As a corporate worker your appearance matters a lot and with how time demanding your job could be, it will be challenging to make out time to take proper care of your garments or visit dry cleaners. We have introduced this idea for corporate workers.  Many of Abuja’s finest business institutions have chosen Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry Cleaners to provide in-house laundry and dry cleaning services for their employees.

We can provide a dynamic, bespoke service for your employees which will increase their productivity and add immense value to their employment with you. Whether you want to subsidise services, or offer a pick-up and delivery service via your reception/security personnel at your office complex, we’ll design a solution which will enhance your HR/facilities offering this service.

We provide a full support package and seasonal special prices, adding even more value to our laundry and dry cleaning solutions. Once you indicate interest we will provide the terms. If you are interested to use our corporate facility service do not hesitate to give us a call and our marketing executives will visit for a chat. It is interesting you and your colleagues will appreciate the service; it will be cheaper, timely and convenient.  Call us on 081-376-28034 or complete our online contact form