Quality Control

Garments that are brought through Nice ‘N’ Clean Dry-Cleaners doors is evaluated by our staff and discussed with you, to ensure the most appropriate cleaning method is chosen.

Every garment is carefully detailed prior to cleaning; if we notice any abnormality or damage on the garment we will place a call to the customer to discuss the development. If the customer is not aware of such damage we will not proceed with cleaning until the customer see the damage on the fabric, in the case of our pickup and delivery customers we will take a picture of the garment and sent to the customers telephone or email as the case may be.

We go extra mile to avoid incidents that are unprofessional in our service.  Fabrics are evaluated for serviceability and special buttons or ornamental elements are protected or removed before the cleaning process. When garments are detailed, we have the hand written report tagged on the garment.

We know garments are all about the details. We understand that every single detail requires a level of care. We advise customers not to remove original labels that came with their garments. They are very important in the cleaning process. In some cases, your garment will be entirely hand cleaned if deemed too risky or delicate to be cleaned otherwise.

At the final stage when you collect your garments we urge you to check them yourself with our staff, we realize that clothes are personal and reflect an individual’s personality there may be adjustments you would like to make, it could be that you prefer your garment pressed in a particular way and have not advised us, in most cases we can do this straight away without delaying you.

We take great pride in our packaging, this is to protect your garment and help it retain that just pressed look when you come to wear it. All our packaging is specifically designed for a purpose, trouser guards to prevent the hanger from creasing the trousers or allowing them to slip in transit, epaulettes to retain the shape of a jacket, shoulder guards to prevent dust when stored in your wardrobe and much more for shirts, wedding dresses, duvets and natives. The packaging also reflects the respect we have for your garments.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

You can give us calls today on 081-376-28034 to ask any questions or click pick-up and delivery